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ACDSee Ultimate Pack 2019 (database and images on external drive)

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  • ACDSee Ultimate Pack 2019 (database and images on external drive)

    Hi all,
    I have been interested in ACDSee Ultimate for quite some time (before the latest release), as a replacement for Google Picasa. I am choosing to not go the route of the Adobe subscription plan. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2019 appears to meet all my fairly basic needs (now that they have released the facial recognition component that is still being "fine tuned" from what I've read here). I primarily take pictures with my cell phone, but I take so many and need to get them organized. The organization features are what draw me to using a DAM, but I have a very large project in front of me (years of messy file/folder organization, various cameras/devices, and probably 1-2TB of pictures and videos to organize).
    I currently have the free version of Google Photos take care of my immediate uploads once a picture/video is taken with my cell phone, but I also take the full resolution versions from my phone and copy them to a 5TB portable hard drive. I then mirror that 5TB portable hard drive to an identical 5TB portable hard drive. I periodically take and mirror those to a 3rd 8TB hard drive at home.
    So, my question pertains to how can I use one of my portable hard drives as my "master copy" that I have my working files/metadata/database info on (flexibility to work at home or work), and sync any changes I make at home or work (by using the ACDSee Ultimate Pack 2019 that included 2 licences) to my other 2 hard drives? I want to have have 3-4 synchronized copies of the same pictures/videos, but do not want to have to replicate work between work and home.
    Eventually a cloud based storage solution as my "master copy" might be nice, but I need to clean up my mess first before over paying for cloud storage.

    I'm basically trying to use an external drive to store my photos, and any associated databases, using ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2019. I want the flexibility of portability, and storing all images on an internal HDD does not offer that solution.

    They are running a sale for $129 that includes 2 user licenses, and additional software, all for less than the cost of a 1 user license of Ultimate 2019 alone. I know they run sales frequently, but this is more a question about keeping multiple portable HDD's in sync for backup and portability purposes.

    I have sort of tested this workflow by installing a copy on a work computer, and my home computer, and creating the database on a thumb drive (with images) for testing. The only weird thing I've noticed (so far) is a message about not being able to find the drive path (even after exiting ACDSee and safely removing the thumb drive.

    Hopefully I provided enough information, and that someone has worked this type of workflow system out before me. Thanks in advance for suggestions.