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When culling in View Mode, I occasionally get a "File in use" error.

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  • When culling in View Mode, I occasionally get a "File in use" error.

    As I navigate through the Vie Mode and want to cull pictures, I occasionally get this error, if I press the <Delete> button immediately after the picture opens.
    ​If I wait a few seconds, it never is a problem

    What causes this? Can I prevent it from happening?

    Cheers, Duppie

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    Hi Duppie,

    This is most likely happening because ACDSee is still decoding the image and reading from the hard drive when you press DELETE. I notice that the image in your screenshot is a RAW file. If View mode is set to perform a RAW decode, you may find that switching it to Embedded preview minimizes this issue.

    If you prefer to keep RAW decode turned on, you can also use ACDSee Quick View instead of View mode for image culling. You can access Quick View from File Explorer by right-clicking an image and selecting Open with > ACDSee.

    Neither of these will completely prevent this error, as it will always take some time for ACDSee to read any file, but they will reduce the time period during which it can occur.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems

    EDIT: Silly me, I forgot about the most probable cause, especially if these are previously-unbrowsed images. It's most likely Face Detection running on each image. In this case my second suggestion will still apply, but my first won't do anything. If you are using View mode for quick image culling, you might want to disable Face Detection from Tools > Options > Face Detection > Automatically detect faces in images. Or use Quick View as I previously suggested.
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      The face detection is what took the longest, up to a 3 seconds on my machine. Once disabled, the delay between opening and a successful delete is a second or so.
      I already had selected to use Embedded Preview, so I expect that is how fast it's going to get.