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Still No Local Adjustments in U19 Develop

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  • Still No Local Adjustments in U19 Develop

    I was very disappointed to find that U19 still does not have local adjustments in Develop. if you want to use them, you have to open the image in Edit. Then if you want to save the changes made in Edit, you have to save the file in another format - e.g., you cannot save it in its original RAW format, even as a copy.

    Turns out you can do local adjustments in Develop. What threw me off was the info in the U19 included Help file.
    (If you care about details, see my post in the DPR Retouching forum.)
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    Not sure what local adjustments you are looking for?
    Ultimate 2018 had already several features that could be applied after marking an area with a brush in develope mode.
    U2019 improved these brush functions quite a lot. Some additional features could still be added, but already quite good.