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Desired feature: Find all images with any manually identified faces

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  • Desired feature: Find all images with any manually identified faces

    I think ACDSee is missing a key capability which is the ability to find all faces with manually identified faces.

    If it had that capability, I could then run Face Redetect only on the images without manually identified faces, and that would be a relatively fast & easy way to correct thousands of mis-identified faces.

    As it stands, ACDSee tried to identify all the faces in my back catalog before it really had enough information to do the task well. And now it seems, there's no way to run Face Redetect on my back catalog without first wiping out the face data that I manually entered by manually identifying faces!

    Would be great if ACDSee introduced the capability to find all images with manually identified faces!!


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    I highly agree. While I was waiting for the face recognition feature in the latest version before purchasing the ACDSee Ultimate Pack 2019, it still sounds like it is a "work in process". They have mentioned additional features for it will come out in future updates and releases, but it makes me wonder how well they will be implemented.

    Picasa pretty much nailed facial recognition features in their old software, and it seems like every other company hasn't been able to match those features yet. Picasa gives you the ability to train it by confirming or declining faces, and the fact that I've heard people say that manual tags are removed during a re-scan is just silly. Who likes to redo their efforts and work? If I manually face tag, or override a wrong face tag, that should become permanent and be excluded from future scans/changes. I also like how Picasa shows "Unidentified" faces. So far, I have no way of telling which faces have been recognized, but not tagged (or tagged with the wrong name).

    Hopefully the updates resolve some of these issues now that I've bought in to the software suite.


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      Yes, a feature like this would make it super-easy to take advantage that has gotten smarter since it first began tagging faces.

      I would select all photos that don't include ny manually-identified faces, then select Face Redetect. Bingo -- done!