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  • How to edit a layer

    I am creating a Xmas card from one of my photos, so I want add to some text.
    1. Add a blank Layer and make sure it is selected.
    2. Then in the Edit Mode menu I select text.
    3. Then I enter and format the text to my liking, and click done

    I now have a new layer with only the text in it

    Later on, I decide I want to change the text or it's appearance. To do so, I select the layer, but from there I get lost.
    1. When I click on the Edit Mode menu > Add > Text, I get another text box
    2. When I select Move (M) from the menu bar, I can move it around, but I cannot edit the text or it's appearance

    I read the manual, but no clear answer was given.
    I appreciate any advice!
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    Hi Duppie,

    With the exception of adjustment layers, changes made in Edit mode can't be modified later. Once the text is committed to the image, it can't be edited. I'm afraid that if you want to change the text, you'll have to delete or hide the layer with the text in it and create new text.

    I recommend that you keep text in its own layer, separate from other elements of your edited image (it sounds like you may have done this already). That way you can replace the text without affecting anything else. One slightly easier way to do this is to select the "Add text as new layer" option in the text tool.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems