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Printing an image with multiple layers

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  • Printing an image with multiple layers

    I am trying to print an image with multiple layers
    When I press Ctrl-P and the Print Dialog pops up, it looks like every layer is printed on an individual page after the composite picture is printed?
    Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I saw someone post on the forums that you need to flatten the image first, but that seems an additional step.

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    Generally you'll want to export your work as a high-quality jpeg and then save the file so you can go back to make adjustments as needed depending on how the print turned out. Also, make sure that you've calibrated your monitor with a device like Spyder or Colormunki, and that you've soft proofed the image using the ICC profile of the paper/printer you'll be using.


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      Thanks bmcnich!
      I played around a bit with your suggestions and found another way of doing it.
      Let's say my picture has 4 layers. A print request would print 5 pages: First the composite, followed by each of the layers in the order from bottom to top in the Layers pane.
      Under Printer Options, the print range will default to "All pages". If you change the default to "Pages from" and change the values for from and to both to "1", you do end up with only the composite page being printed.
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