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ACDSee does not fully utilize resources

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  • ACDSee does not fully utilize resources

    Dear Members,

    I am a relatively new ACDSee user. In order to speed up image and video processing, I just upgraded my PC from an i5-2500 to a Ryzen 1700X CPU. I also replaced the SATA SSD with an M2 PCIE one. The video card remained the same, an ATI HD 4600 series (GPU: RV730, 1 GB RAM). The Passmark score of the new CPU is twice that of the old one. I am using win7 and ACDSee Ultimate 2018.

    Video rendering sped up considerably (almost threefold), however, batch exporting from ACDSee is barely faster. I noticed that the CPU is not utilized to 100% while batch exporting (see linked Process Explorer graph). The GPU is not used at all (perhaps it's too old).

    What is your suggestion for speeding up the export process? Is there a setting that would enable a 100% CPU utilization? Or should I upgrade the video card?

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    Disks may be the speed limits.
    What are your "Disk n" ( n=0,1,2,....) usage % and how did they change?
    (SSD and M2 PCIE are Disks to windows with the usual C:,D:,E:...letters)

    Export creates new files which are copies of the image files being exported. In doing so it uses "Disk n" resources as labeled in the "processes" and "performance" tabs of Task Manager. Export uses both disk read and write to copy.


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      Thank you for your reply.

      It is impossible that the SSD is the bottleneck. It takes 10 minutes to export the 300 sample raw images (16 MPix each) to full-size JPGs. It takes 13 seconds to copy said raw files to another directory on the same partition. Also, the CDMark results are linked below.


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        I have to agree exporting raw files with a preset logo or non at all is super slows every other editing program I have a 4 to 10 times faster. This needs to be fixed. Hard to get any work done like this.


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          Edk is absolutely right: All Quiet on the Western Front, ACDSystems has dug in and seems unable to move!

          If you export more than 100 images daily, you keep an eye on this feature:

          - Export still uses a modal dialogue - the whole app is blocked when exporting images
          - After minimizing all apps (click rightmost on taskbar) AC will pop up again when opening any other window
          - A second instance of the app (CTRL-SHIFT-N) is sluggish and squares the chance for an app crash when running an export job
          - The GPU isn't involved in the export routine at all
          - Pro v12 (2019) isn't any faster than Pro v10 but considerably slower than Pro v8
          - Due to a bug you must not export with more than one setting in any export job


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            Originally posted by Emil View Post
            - The GPU isn't involved in the export routine at all
            Is this really so? Why is there an Enable OpenCL image processing checkbox in Settings then? (Actually, on my system it is checked and greyed out, I can't uncheck it.)


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              The export feature indeed runs a little faster with OpenCl enabled. But GPU Load hardly ever reaches 1% shown in GPU-Z with my GTX-950 card.