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Modify Shortcut Key for Manage Mode?

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  • Modify Shortcut Key for Manage Mode?

    It looks like you can modify the shortcuts for every mode except Manage. Am I missing something or is that one not modifiable.

    Ok.... I think I found it, but.... It looks like if you are in the Manage module, that Mode Switching Manage doesn't show in the list, but if you switch modules, it does. However, I've made a couple of changes and they don't seem to stick. They work for a minute as I toggle back and forth, but then stop working. If I go back in and look, the new shortcut is no longer there. I don't see a Save option. Thanks

    Edit #2 Guess I'm not used to a good help file. Found this, "Keyboard shortcuts customized in one mode will not take effect in the other modes, even if the defined command name is the same." Seems cumbersome, but at least I know how to get it done.
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