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Selecting Large Number of Files Crashing ACD

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  • Selecting Large Number of Files Crashing ACD

    Hi, new guy here again. I was modifying some of my workflow to better match what I want to do in ACDSee and needed to move about 3k files from one folder to another. Every time I selected all, system hung for a while, which was expected, but ultimately crashed. I optimized the database, but that didn't help. Realizing I'm not in the LR catalog world anymore, I moved them from Win Explorer and then re-started ACD. Is this normal, and/or can I do something to make this type operation work? Don't see needing to do it often, and the work-around is fine, but crashing isn't the answer. TIA

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    Hello Dbvirago,

    The application should not crash. We are investigating the issue. Can you please try to reproduce the issue after closing the properties pane? You will find the option to close the properties pane in the attached screenshot.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Properties Pane.png
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    We have a theory that the application is crashing as the properties pane is trying to update for all 3k files. Let us know your results.


    Shakil H.
    ACD Systems
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      Yeah, I actually thought of that and then forget to try it. As soon as I finish a bit more processing, I'll give it a try. Thanks

      BTW, don't know if it's just me, but every time I post on here, the Working pop-up never goes away, and it appears not to post my message. In reality, it posts immediately - I just have to close the window and go back in.
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        Yeah, that did it. Just did a folder of 4k images. Took about 20 seconds and I could copy/move