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  • Minor Sorting Nit

    Depending on the folder, I have my images sorted by date taken or filename. If I export or save as to the same folder, the file drops to the bottom of the list. I can click the sort again and it pops back to where it's supposed to be, but I am still at the bottom. In a folder with a lot of files, this creates a lot of scrolling. Is there a work-around to this?

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    If I understand you correctly:
    If you have a RAW file named IMG_1234 and edit it in edit mode, I assume you then save it as a jpeg such as IMG_1234 edited.jpg in the same folder as the original. When you enter the Manage mode you will see the new jpeg image at the bottom of the thumbnails. Assuming the folder is sorted on file name, if you select a different folder then go back to the required folder you will find the jpeg next to the original RAW file. Re-displaying the folder refreshes its sort order. If sorted on date created then the jpeg will stay at the bottom of the thumbnails because it is the latest file created.
    Hope this helps, Dave.


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      Thanks, Dave. Yeah, that is what I am finding. I have to refresh the sort by one of several different ways to get the image back where I want it. LR puts it in the correct sorted order as soon as you export, but it's only a click or three and still faster than doing the same operation in LR