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Extremely slow sorting?

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  • Extremely slow sorting?

    I have a folder of about 4k images. I tend to sort my capture date. This is taking hours to complete. For instance, the first date shot has 36 images. When I first opened the folder in ACDSee only 2 showed for that date at the top. 4 hours later, 14 have floated to the top.

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    Hi Dbvirago,

    Please catalog this folder first and then perform the same sort afterwards. To catalog, please click Tools | Database | Catalog Files. Prior to testing the sort again, please ensure that no images are being selected.

    If the issue would persist after you catalog the files, please provide the following info to help us understand the problem:

    - What are the types of those files, e.g JPG, Tiff, RAW and also video files ?
    - Where is those images stored ? Local hard disk, external hard disk, Network storage device ?
    - Do you observe similar performance problem when you sort the image by capture date (data taken) in Windows file explorer ?
    - In ACDSee, when you sort the files in this folder, if you choose a different criteria, e.g. Modified date, file size or file name, will you encounter the same issue ?


    ACDSee Customer Care Team