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Correct aperture reflections in ACDSee Ultimate

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  • Correct aperture reflections in ACDSee Ultimate

    Hi everybody
    As a relative newbie to ACDSee Ultimate and Forum I was couraged by ACDSee Support to ask this question here. How can I effectively and rapidly correct this type of aperture reflections on my photos? They happen quite often to me when shooting against the sun while skitouring in the alps.
    Thanks for any tips!
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    I will suggest that you research the topic of "Lens Flare" on Google and Youtube. I find that there are several techniques to try but that there is not one simple fix. Sometimes I'm successful and sometimes I'm not. Give the on-line search approach a try and apply what you find using ACDSee Ultimate. You might get lucky.


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      Looks like this is a common occurrence with the HX90v.

      I find that I can reduce (but not eliminate) the impact of severe lens flare with post processing. There will not be one single easy recipe. Selective changes of color hues and a significant use of layers and masking will be required. Using a RAW file provides more data to the processing. It can be done, but expect to spend a significant time to get it right.

      Another thought, when taking the image, positioning the camera as to take advantage of the lens characteristics may be worth considering.