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  • Performance and speed

    Lately I find ACDSee ultimate 2019, slow.
    From menage, when I open a preview image it takes 5-10 seconds.
    Even in develop, images in jpeg, processing has become slow. especially with brushes.
    I have already optimized the archive.
    Thank you..


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    I agree it is way slower than Lightroom for everything.


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      Just a wild guess: Try Option (ALT-O) - Edit Mode - Use primary GPU


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        It has improved. mo is not yet the top.



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          Let us help. I invite everyone to report other tips to increase the speed of the program.



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            This has been a re-occurring topic over the past few years. I'm wondering if anyone knows of an on-line reference source that explains all the major factors which could affect speed? Might be useful for everyone to understand what could be influencing ACDSee's performance. Fortunately, I find ACDSee Ultimate to perform exceptionally fast and, while I have not made a controlled comparison, it feels faster than Lightroom.


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              Originally posted by Reeka View Post
              This has been a re-occurring topic over the past few years. .
              As it has with LightRoom, DxO Optics Pro, Capture One Pro, Bibble/AfterShot and just about every other Raw converter we might care to name - and as is always the case, many have us have no performance issues at all.

              The fact is that it's rarely if ever a problem with the software, and almost always an local problem with the user's computer configuration.

              (Note that I have, at various times, been part of Adobe's "Adobe Certified Professional (LightRoom)" programme; a DxO Optics Pro official beta tester; and a Capture One Pro beta tester - I've been "plugged in" to technical discussions which never become public knowledge, and I've seen ample evidence to support my statement that the software is rarely where the problem lies).


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                I also find that Acdsee Ultimate 2019 has become very slow compared to the 2018 version.


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                  ACDSee specific
                  * +1 for Emil recommendation
                  * Optimize database on a regular (weekly?) basis.

                  I do other things, but these reduce ACDSee feature set that do not matter to me
                  * Turn off facial detection
                  * Exclude folders

                  non-ACDSee adjustments that help
                  * Add ACDSee database folder to antivirus exclusion list
                  * Add image file extensions to antivirus exclusion list
                  * Do not use on directories that are linked to a cloud drive. (SIde car files need to sync to cloud, changes to the cloud file trigger the sync)


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                    I agree completely, UPS 2019 has definitely become slower. Some of the develop controls were so unresponsive they were basically unusable to me. So I purchased a new graphics card (GeForce GTX 1060) and that solved that problem. The controls are usable now, big improvement in response. But,,,,,,,,,,,,IMO, it is still way to slow going form manage to view mode. At least twice as slow as ACDSee Pro 9. It is a big annoyance to me. Makes me long for the quick loading performance of past versions every time I view a file.


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                      I'm new to ACDsee UPS so can't comment on previous versions. However, in general I have noticed that as gmb has suggested, 2019 utilises the GPU quite extensively. While I have only found a few annoyances, one of the biggest for me is also the time it takes to change out of Manage mode into View, Develop or Edit modes but especially into View mode which takes three to four times as long as the other two. Going back to Manage is fast and changing images once in any given mode is also very fast.

                      The other aspect that I've found slow is image export (Nikon Raw or tiff to jpeg). Not to mention that it's a rather annoying foreground process. I ran some tests and found that in all cases the UPS export to 100% jpeg was slower than my old version of Lightroom (4.4), sometimes much much slower, regardless of jpeg settings, and also the jpeg file sizes were significantly larger.