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Batch -> Special Effect -> Threshold - not possible?

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  • Batch -> Special Effect -> Threshold - not possible?

    I would like to batch apply the "Threshold" special effect that I can do in Edit to many photos, save as a profile. In Develop I can't find the Special Effects.

    Can someone help? Is this a limitation of features that only exist in Edit but not Develop? Anyone have a workaround for me to apply multistep Edit changes in a macro or some other profile I can apply to many photos?


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    Hi richieboo,

    What I think you are looking for is Actions. In Edit mode, you can record a series of changes, and then play those changes on other images in Manage, View, and Edit mode. I have attached a screenshot showing the default location of the Actions toolbar in Edit mode.

    To record an Action, first click the Record button (the circular icon). While recording, edit the image as you normally would. Once you have finished, click the Stop button (the square), and give the Action a name and category to save it. To play it on other images, you can click the Play button (triangle) in Edit mode, or Tools > ACDSee Actions in all three modes, or by opening the Actions Browser in all three modes.

    To learn more about Actions, check the help file > Edit Mode > Using ACDSee Actions.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      That is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you!!