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  • Actions adjustable?

    Have been experimenting with the Actions in Ultimate 2019. I'm not completely familiar with how it works so I may be missing something, so any feedback will be helpful.
    I have used actions in Photoshop for years so am familiar with the general principle. It seems to work very well in ACDSee, especially on multiple photos selected, but my question has to do with options for the actions. In PS I can choose to have any one action that is a step in the series of adjustments to perform as created or wait for user input for just that step to change it. So, in PS, I might have an action set that changes the lighting, the contrast, the color, etc. and maybe choose to have just the color step wait for user input before running the rest of the steps. Is this possible in the ACDSee actions or are you limited to just the initial setup steps?
    If it isn't possible may I suggest it as a very good upgrade?