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  • Custom Sorting question

    I have to modify the sorting order of some files from a large folder. I tried to do it by drag-and-dropping (as the Help says) but it takes a lot of time for the (lengthy) list of files to scroll till I reach the desired place. I tried to Paste them near a selected file - doesn't work.
    Any way of doing this more speedily?

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    If you want a truly custom sequence (not in any sortable order), then Drag & Drop is your best option. However, you don't necessarily have to drag thumbnails. While in Manage Mode, you can press F9, or F10, or F11, or F12, and get different views of your images. I use F11 most of the time for custom drag & drops. I can see hundreds of images on one screen and move them around very efficiently. F9 is also useful. Check out these viewing options and see if one of them will help with your custom sequencing. /Bill

    p.s. When I create a custom sequence that I want to keep, I always rename the images so as to "lock in" the special sort sequence, permanently.


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      Thank you.


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        When in Manage Mode, if I want to move an image to the very top of the display, is there a shortcut key to do that?

        Sometimes when browsing many 1000's of images, I come across some that should be grouped together, and later renamed so that it is permanent. Having a shortcut to move it to the top (or bottom) would help tremendously, otherwise when I drag to the top, I lose my place where I was.

        Or am I just not doing it right?


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          Shortcut Alt + M move to the selected location.
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            Yes, Alt+M moves the message to another folder/drive whatever. I want to move the thumbnail from it's position up to the top of the window. So maybe the thumbnail is 4 rows down and two to the right. I want it at the top, i.e. row 1 column 1.


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              I typically "tag" the image using "/" (or possibly a label). Then filter by tags (or colors). Do what I need to do, then "select all" and untag by pressing "/" again.


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                Agree with using the TAG option except that the keyboard shortcut for tag differs among setup and it can be customized (I have it set to T)



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                  Thanks, that works. Similar to using an image basket.