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  • Confused about searching

    I have 40k plus images spread across many folders, but all in one master folder which I cataloged. If I type a word in the quick search box, it very quickly finds everything. For instance, I type in horse, hit enter, and within seconds, I have a couple hundred images with horse in the metadata. If I use the search pane, I get nothing. I have entire database checked, and all the boxes checked under the criteria. I'm happy using quick search, but saved searches would be nice.
    What am I missing?

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    Hi dbvirago,

    What metadata field is 'horse' in? I suspect what is happening is that it is in some IPTC field, which Quick Search will search by default, but which the Search pane will not.

    You can add IPTC fields to a search, as well as EXIF and other image properties, in the Properties section of the Search pane. You will also have to remove the text from the "With the text" field, since it will exclude all results that don't match that text in one of the (ACDSee metadata) criteria. For example, I have attached a screenshot showing how to search for all images with the IPTC title 'foobar'.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      Thanks that's it. I'd probably use quick search for simple keywords as I can just type it in rather than choosing from the very large list of keywords I have.

      I'm not sure of the value of ACDSee repeating some of the metadata. Why would anyone use their fields instead of iptc fields usable everywhere?


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        Since many years, this comment by Phil Harvey the programmer of exiftool can be found: A note to software developers: Re-inventing your own private tags instead of using the equivalent tags in standard XMP namespaces defeats one of the most valuable features of metadata: interoperability. Your applications mumble to themselves instead of speaking out for the rest of the world to hear.


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          I'm wondering what the point of even using ACDSee metadata is then? If I'm to just begin organizing my photos with this program, the more I hear about the proprietary nature of the ACDSee metadata, the more it sounds like I should be avoiding it (at least from several forum posts I have been reading). It sounds like I should simply use only the IPTC fields to organize my photos (writes immediately to the files/are visible in Windows Explorer/etc.). Are there special features I will be missing out on if I choose not to use the ACDSee metadata fields?


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            Searching for files, folders in Windows has always been a pain. The indexation is shamelessly slow and inefficient. ACDsee's managing of the database isn't better.
            The very first thing I install after a Windows re-installation is the truly amazing app called : Everything (Voidtools)
            I have approximately 1500000 images across 5 hard drives, 10TB total. Everything finds anything in the blink of an eye.

            You install Everything and in a literally a few seconds (!!!) the program indexes your whole hard drives. I've never seen anything browse that fast. The database can be rebuilt at any time and is updating on the fly constantly.

            Instantly after the indexation, you can search for anything, or specify only images, videos, archives, etc. The result is instant, absolutely 0 waiting time and results appear as you type. As if it was not enough, the search is also extremely efficient, for example :

            - you look for an image called "my horse riding in May 2019". To find that you can type :
            hor ding 01
            Everything will find it.

            - you want to look for a file in a specific folder, you can type :
            "C:\my folder 1\subfolder2\etc" my horse riding
            And everything will find one image or all images (type jpg for example after the last quote)

            Those are only 2 examples of the many ways to search. It's endlessly powerful. And ? It's free I seriously cannot imagine a proper windows experience without it.
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