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ACDSee FTP uploader module

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  • ACDSee FTP uploader module

    I don't know how many of you are actually using it, but I find the FTP uploader module to be extremely useful.
    Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately?) most FTP sites are switching to secure FTP (SSL/TLS) and the module becomes mostly useless, since they no longer accept non-secure connections.
    The question is: is ACDSee going to support secure FTP?
    I posted a ticket to support in order to find out what they think.

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    Because exported images aren't catalogued in AC here, since years we use a python script to brush meta data, create zip files upload them and send email to or customers ... Saves me lot's of time for posting my nonsense here :-)

    But of course you are right, SFTP is a minimum requirement nowadays.