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How do I move photos based on date taken?

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  • How do I move photos based on date taken?

    Is it possible to move existing photos into sub folders based on exif data like date taken?

    Can I import photos into sub folders based on date taken?

    The import appears to use the modified date when assigning folders although it can rename files based on the exif date.

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    Read this, this and this . . . I've most likely missed a few more.


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      Thank you for taking the time to answer but none of those posts answer either of my questions.

      From what I can gather, it can't be done and a third party tool is required.

      Is this still correct for the 2019 release?


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        Yes, it is still not possible to import and save by date-taken in 2019, a feature which will hopefully be implemented. One would have to batch set the modified date beforehand.


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          Click Sort / Day taken, then use Alt + M to shift (or create) to the desired folder. The Alt'C shortcut copies the highlited photos to a specified folder.


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            Batch setting the modified date looks like a potential workaround but the import resets both modified and created date so it's a two step process.

            I have over 7,000 iPhone photos with random modified dates set to the last viewed date I think. Manually moving them isn't possible. I realise this is an Apple issue reported by many but I was hoping ACDSee could easily fix the mess LR and Apple have created.

            Thanks for all the ideas. I'll keep experimenting.


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              Has this been implemented in the 2020 release?