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How to set MARKED in View-Mode with which key?

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  • How to set MARKED in View-Mode with which key?

    It is possible to set the MARKED flag for pictures in manage-mode with # for example.

    I would like to set the MARKED Flag in View-Mode too, to sort out pictures, but when I use # then the picture is zoomed in, whether in fullscreen or windows-mode does not matter.

    I tried to set other keys for MARKING but they only work in manage-mode, not in view-mode.

    It is possible to click on the mark flag, but that is not convinient.

    What do I do wrong?

    Does anybody have an advice with which key I can set the mark flag in view-mode?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Uwe,

    I assume you are talking about Tag. In View mode, the default shortcuts for Tag are \ and ALT + Num /.

    Customize Shortcuts is independent in different modes, so setting shortcuts in Manage mode will have no effect on View mode. If you go to View mode and open Tools > Customize Shortcuts, the Tag command can be found in the Manage category. I have attached a screenshot showing where it can be found.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      Thanks Tristan,
      Your hint helped a lot. and I took a closer look.
      I was able now to adjust the shortcut for the TAG flag with customizing shortcuts - but I had to do it while in view-mode under the options. Then the assigned shortcut # works. Yesterday I allways custimized the shortcuts while in manage-mode, I asumed that the assignement would work in view-mode too.