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Recreate thumbnail for video file

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  • Recreate thumbnail for video file

    I've video files (GoPro-MP4-AVC) that I've been testing a lot of metadata changes with exiftool on to get as much info to Google Photo as possible.
    At some point the thumbnail got broken. Tested to catalog the folder. Didn't work.
    If I copy the file to a new folder, the thumbnail recreates, but is it possible to recreate it in existing folder?

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    Hi Peho,

    A quick thing you can try is Tools > Metadata > Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata. This will wipe the thumbnails and metadata for the current folder or selected files out of the database and re-scan it. If the issue is a conflict between the metadata you have added and ACDSee's database, this may help.

    You could also try using Tools > Database > Database Maintenance, and delete the specific folder where you have these files. If you use this method, I strongly recommend that you first back up your database, and that you embed metadata in files if you are worried about losing it.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      Thanks, I thought I had seen the rebuild thumbnails.
      It didn't help right away, though, but today, when I was looking at the thumbnail again, for some reason it did appear.
      (Didn't test Database Maintenance. I'm unsure how recognized faces are affected.)