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Acdsee Ultimate 2019 - Performance

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  • Acdsee Ultimate 2019 - Performance

    Hi everyone

    I have been using Acdsee for many years now and have come back each time primarily because of its speed, particularly when viewing large numbers of photos.

    However, I am finding that in a previous version and this version that there are performance issues. I have a very fast PC with SSD drives and I can literally wait 5 to 10 seconds for a photo to come up in the manage pane following double-clicking it. Once the photos has come up, it is much quicker but the same happens again if I try and switch to a different folder.

    Has anyone else experienced any performance issues with this software? Would be interested to hear your thoughts and what you think i might be able to do to improve things.



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    Same here it started about 2 weeks ago with Ultimate 10 for me. and it also dose it in 2019ver.

    I go to double click to open a image and it takes way to long than before.

    I have cleaned and cleared everything in the program and on my PC. I am also using SSD drives it even opens slow on a normal big drive. No matter the size of the image it can be an Icon and it still opens very slow {too slow to get any work done}

    I hope someone can figure this out I really hate the leave ACDSee bin a user since the early 2000


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      Hi mattgod69 and Marihenshin,

      Sorry to learn the performance issue that you have experienced when opening the image file the view mode.

      We are not able to reproduce this issue so I will contact both of you with a support ticket to gather the system information, sample files to understand and troubleshoot the problem.



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        Here is something non-obvious that caused me to change my workflow.....

        I found that having my local image directory on a local drive synced to a remote cloud could cause intermittent loading time issues.
        If you are using local storage synced the cloud it may be worth an experiment to try opening some images from a non-cloud-synced drive.

        Similarly, putting the software database on a cloud-synced drive can result in similar issues. It seems the syncing process can cause hiccups in performance