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  • Management of Categories

    I am a user of ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2019. I have created numerous Categories in organizing my archive. Unfortunately I have not planned ahead in creating them. Now I need to create Top Level Categories and Sub categories in order not to scroll down a long list of categories. Is there a practical way of reorganising Categories.

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    Hmm, imho quite simple. Just create your new top categories and drag 'n drop your current categories into your new categories just as you like.

    This indeed is a major advantage compared to collections, that don't have this feature at all!

    I have exactly three top categories, but sub categories drilled down five levels deep.
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      Thank You Emil,
      I tried to do the drag'n drop on the right hand side panel without success, now I tried the same on the Catalog Pane and it worked. Thank You


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        Oops, yes, I tend to forget about the "description" pane which I never use. The operations described are offered in the "cataloge" pane only.


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          Thanks Emil


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            Hello Emil
            Thank you very much for your link to reading about categories and keywords. What I don't know yet: My 10'000 pictures. Should I rather organize them with keywords or with categories? With the keywords I can refine nicely, but I can also do that with categories... Alan describes the work with keywords in his tutorial, but at the top of the catalogue I see the categories prominently. How do I explain to someone why I decided to use keywords anyway?
            Thank you so much for a clarification. Regards, Irene

            is there a webinar where I can pose such questions? Because I still have a lot of them....


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              Just as you like. We don't use hierarchical keywords at all. Keywords are public and so we use the iptc keywords only. We add almost every descriptive phrase to the keywords, the more the better. In our system in first place the categories record what happens to the images: printing, offering, sales, publishing ... The categories of course are strictly private and are delete from exported images before handover. We also don't use the collections.

              It all depends on your needs.

              This is a good place for questions, but please create a new thread next time.