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  • Management of Categories

    I am a user of ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2019. I have created numerous Categories in organizing my archive. Unfortunately I have not planned ahead in creating them. Now I need to create Top Level Categories and Sub categories in order not to scroll down a long list of categories. Is there a practical way of reorganising Categories.

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    Hmm, imho quite simple. Just create your new top categories and drag 'n drop your current categories into your new categories just as you like.

    This indeed is a major advantage compared to collections, that don't have this feature at all!

    I have exactly three top categories, but sub categories drilled down five levels deep.
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      Thank You Emil,
      I tried to do the drag'n drop on the right hand side panel without success, now I tried the same on the Catalog Pane and it worked. Thank You


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        Oops, yes, I tend to forget about the "description" pane which I never use. The operations described are offered in the "cataloge" pane only.


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          Thanks Emil