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Sharpening Using High Pass Filter

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  • Sharpening Using High Pass Filter

    I would like to wean myself of my current "go to" photo editor and use ACDSee Ultimate solely. Is it possible to do select, high pass filter sharpening in ACDSee Ultimate? This is how I currently do it:

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    Not that I know of or see.If you have a sharpening plugin that allows High Pass, Acdsee does do layers and you could apply it thru the layer.


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      I haven't installed 2020 yet, so I dont know if the feature has been expanded, but Ultimate 2019 introduced the "Frequency Separation" function (Ctrl + Shift + F), which allows you to split a layer into hi and low pass layers. You can also access that function by right clicking the layer and selecting it from the right click menu. Here are the steps for hi-pass sharpening in ACDsee Ultimate 2019: 1) duplicate your image layer; 2) apply frequency separation to the duplicate layer; 3) delete the low-pass layer; 4) set the mask on the hi-pass layer to black; 5) use a white brush to paint the hi-pass over the area you want to sharpen; 6) adjust the blend opacity of the hi-pass layer to achieve the look you want.