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Acdsee 2020 How to embed face data in file?

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  • Acdsee 2020 How to embed face data in file?

    I ran the face recognition. Under faces on the left in the panel I also see the names of the recognized faces.

    Now I want the names in the file are given. For this I select the files, go to embed metadata and choose embed face data. This is also done correctly.
    But then I see this face data (name) nowhere. Neither in IPTC, Exif, Acdsee metadata, etc.
    I want the names contained in the exported file.
    Is that possible.
    What am I doing wrong?

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    Hi peter09,

    We currently do not support viewing of ACDSee Face Data (in the database or embedded) in the Properties pane.

    Thank you for the feedback though. I've passed it on to the development team, so it is something we can possibly explore in the future.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems
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      This has indeed be asked for several times in the past. Afaik all you can do is, select every single found face in the peoples section of the catalog pane, then select all items (CTRL-A) and add a proper keyword or assign the items to a category or collection with a suitable name.

      If you want to export the images and give them to people who don't use AC, then imho IPTC-keywords are the best option.


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        I agree. I would like to have the ability to store the names detected in the IPTC description field for others to use.