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HDR in 2020 reports no exposure data in the image but it is there

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  • HDR in 2020 reports no exposure data in the image but it is there

    trying to test HDR with 2020. It is reporting that there is not exposure data in the image but as can be seen in the attached screen capture the data is there.

    Anybody got any ideas?

    I tried to open a tech support ticket but everytime I try to submit a get a bloody ReCaptcha error.. Despite the fact that I am logged in the techsupport system doesn't seem to think I am. Dodgy or what!

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    To run HDR all layers in the stack must have exposure data. The info pallete shows the exposure data of only one layer. Can you kindly check whether all the image layers in the stack have exposure data? You can check this by viewing one image at a time and checking the info pallete. You also need separate images with original exposure metadata that are different from image to image to run HDR. Duplicating a single layer or modifying the exposure of an image do not modify the metadata, so HDR will not run in those situations. If all your layers have different exposure metadata and you still can't run HDR, can you please send us the files so that we can look into it?


    Shakil H.
    ACD Systems
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      Thanks... I found the problem. I was creating an adjustment layer (which I thought I had to do from following one of the video tutorials, Adam's I think). Of course after creating the adjustment layer it is selected and running HDR fails because there is no data in the adjustment layer. For anybody else following; creating and adjustment layer is not necessary and if should not be selected.