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Ultimate 2020 Seems Slow

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  • Ultimate 2020 Seems Slow

    In Ultimate 2020, it takes 12 seconds to go from Manage to Develop for a raw file and 17 seconds to go from Manage to Edit for that same file. My laptop is pretty high end and I get better performance on On1 than this. Hopefully, it will improve, but now it's a little disappointing.

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    I have ultimate 2019. It is much slower than ultimate 10. I was hoping the Ultimate 2020 should be better in speed, before I decided to upgrade. I do not need new feature/function, I just want to switch mode fast which is really pain now.


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      Well, so far I must agree fully. I have been having a hard time getting Ultimate 2020 to even launch, having to recreate and re-convert my old database three times, along with an hour on the phone with support. It is working now but slow as molasses, even taking 10 minutes or so to build 50 or so thumbnails from JPEGs. Some thumbnails did not show up for about 20 minutes on one folder. I am now optimizing the database, but ready to revert back to 2019 except that the installer for 2019 wants to download and install 2020. So, I will have to go after support tomorrow to send me a link for re-installing 2019. Years ago I almost gave up on ACDSee as new builds were, let's just say, 'fragile'. Eventually they got better. What held me back was that Lightroom was worse. For the last 8 years or so ACDSee has been very good and very stable. Now, it seems like old times again: 'fragile'. Such a pity ACDSee seems to be more interested in adding features (facial recognition? please!) than stability and performance. For me 2019 was fine. May just stick with that, if I can get it back!


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        Have you tried turning OFF face recognition? When i installed 2020 ( I had 2019 Ultimate), I experienced the same slowness, and i noticed in the lower right hand corner (status bar) that it was "detecting faces". Scrolling through 100s of pictures and going to develop mode was very slow, untill i turned facial recognition off. Now, 2020 is as fast as i remember 2019 being...


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          I am having exactly the same issues and have had for some time. Acdsee now has been slow for a considerable amount of time and it is incredibly frustrating. It used to be so fast and efficient but now it has got so clunky and slow it is virtually unusable. I have turned off the face recognition as this is something I do not need whatsoever. it does not seem to have increase in speed that much... is there anything else that anyone knows which can improve the performance. frustratingly, I have a really fast PC with a fast i7 processor and nearly all my drives including the primary drive are SSD's, there should be no performance issues whatsoever. in a way I am glad that some people are now having some issues because I've been having them for some time!!


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            Originally posted by mattgod69 View Post
            ... is there anything else that anyone knows which can improve the performance.
            Read this. I've never seen any response on this from ACDSystems in this forum, but S.hussain mentions the keywords here.