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Using ACDSee to Find Images Without IPTC Keywords

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  • Using ACDSee to Find Images Without IPTC Keywords

    Is it possible to use ACDSee to locate images in my catalog that do not contain IPTC Keywords? I see where you can search for files with IPTC keywords but have yet to search for a null field.

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    I assume that its facial detection and facial recognition features would help out with some of the images, wouldn't it?


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      I came here to ask this as well, because I need to search for photos that ARE labelled as *anything.* My labels have symbols in them, which the Saved Search function doesn't seem to recognize. To work around that, I was hoping to use "Label is not 'blank'", but that doesn't seem to work either....


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        I just did a search on IPTC keyword City. I set it to:

        <City> <is any of> <Click to set>
        (i.e. i did not set it to anything.)
        Press Start

        ACD throws an "are you sure" warning, select yes.

        The only entries returned were those where the City attribute was blank.