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Find all photos taken in June of any year

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  • Find all photos taken in June of any year


    Is there a way to easily find all my photos taken in the month of June in any year? I'm looking for a method that doesn't require me to specify the years I'm interested in or that are available. Thanks,


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    Pretty simple, if you store your images in paths with month names like "d:\images\2019\June\30". But this will of course also include all files with descriptions, categories or keywords containing month names. I'd love to search for seasons too.
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      Not a perfect solution, but may be helpful.

      Photo Mode > View by month
      Now it is (relatively) easy to skip between years to the month that you want in the "Timeline"


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        Hi Jay,

        I have another imperfect solution for Manage mode. If you open the Calendar pane and switch to Year View, you can CTRL + click on each year's June to display all images from the selected months. Not perfect as you will have to click once for each year, so if you need to access these images again later, you will probably want to add some unique keyword or category to them so they can be easily searched again later. Unfortunately I don't know of any way to search by month only rather than a whole date.

        Tristan H.
        ACD Systems