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Sending to email deletes image in Ultimate 2020

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  • Sending to email deletes image in Ultimate 2020

    When I try to send an image to my email account ( using the downsizing function), the draft email appears with the attachment showing no content (0Kb). When I return to my folder the image has been deleted from my hard disk and does not appear in the recycle bin. This happened a few times a month or so ago with unimportant images so I had forgotten about the problem. My latest attempt deleted a prize winning image which I can not replicate without working from the RAW file which I fortunately still have. This was not a problem with my previous 2018 version. It means that this function is not just ineffective but downright dangerous! I do not think it can be down to any error on my part.

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    If you search the forums, you will see that this has been reported and tech support has confirmed...they say it will be fixed in the next update.


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      Thanks for the information. Hope we shall get an update within the life of this product


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        Next update is planned for Feb/March 2020. Link.

        WOW! What a great sense of responsibility!

        For several month we'll have an app with a fatal error. This is great news for all users who don't read this forum and step into this leghold trap.
        Imho apps that delete valuable user files without permission should be withdrawn immediately.


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          The post that the next update is schedule for Feb/March 2020 is not entirely correct.

          Yes, we have an update coming in Feb/March 2020 but planning the 1st update in December that will include Canon CR3 support & other RAW formats and a fix for the email bug. Note, the email bug is only found when using Thunderbird.

          Please be assured this bug will be corrected at the 1st opportunity. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.



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            I can ensure you not only Thunderbird is affected. I also tried a W1903, with AC Build 2007 and eM Client v7.2.3. AC deleted a NEF file after the option to convert was selected.