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  • A couple of questions

    I have a couple of questions regarding the database and how things work...

    1) I have Ultimate 2020 and an older Ultimate 10. For the purposes of testing, I assigned a category to some photos along with some keywords. I went to the options and had it put the categories written into the file. So I then copied the file using Explorer from the computer that has U2020 to the computer that has U10. By default, the categories and keywords were not read by U10. I had to import the photos selecting it to import the metadata. Ok. I can see why I would need to do that.

    My question is... to embed the metadata for category and keyword etc into the file.... is there a way to do that automatically, all the time whenever I alter a file? I do not want to have to do it manually all the time. Primary use is as a backup in case the database goes wonky, I won't lose all my face, category, keywords. It would be relatively easy to rebuild.

    2) When I use face recognition, I see a face in the upper right corner, the square around the face on the photo and the cursor is set to drag a square around other faces not detected. How do I permanently hide the face in the upper corner and how do I get the cursor to be a hand that allows me to move the photo around when viewing it at 100%. I can change the cursor by opening the filmstrip and clicking on the toolbar icon for what I want, but is there a way to do it with a shortcut?

    3) when clicking on a category to view the photos from it, is there a way if I click on a photo I can have it either display or bring me to the originating folder?

    4) when viewing photos in map mode, if I have pictures from the opposite parts of the country all I see are the placemarks with no details. If I zoom in to one, all is good. Then I click another photo, it won't change the map to show where that photo was taken. I have to zoom out manually, find the highlighted placemark and manually zoom back in. Is there a way that it would automatically move the map to the new location automatically already zoomed in?

    I think that is it for now.



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    Hi imajica,

    1. There is currently no way to automatically embed metadata as soon as you add it to the image. However, there is an option to remind you to embed metadata when you shut down ACDSee. Open Tools > Options > Database, and enable the "Display embed ACDSee metadata reminder" option. By default the reminder will appear each time you shut down ACDSee; if you prefer, you can set it to remind once per day, week, or month instead.

    2. The default keyboard shortcut for the Scroll tool is SHIFT + F1. The tools (Scroll, Select, Zoom, and Face) can also be found in the View menu, and their shortcuts are displayed in this menu.

    3. In the Properties pane, open the File tab while an image is selected. Near the top of the pane, there is a "Located in" line. Click the file path to go to that folder.

    4. Unfortunately I don't believe there is a way to do this at this time.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems