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    I did a little bit of experimenting with the Face Detection tool. I had Ultimate 2019 but never got around to trying it out. Lately I've been scanning my slides and negatives (20K+) which includes a lot of photos of my identical twin daughters when they were kids. Face Detection did a lot better than I thought it would. Not perfect by any means, but better that most people do.

    Some of the photos have them individually, others together. The first image I added a name to happened to be Twin 2. The next image was Twin 1. Next was one of both of them. As I added more it almost always correctly identified Twin 2 but only got Twin 1 correct about half the time. Sometimes it identified her as Twin 1, sometimes it didn't guess.

    Not complaining. It did much better than I thought it would and I thought you would like to know.


    PS. Now can we get panorama stitching? Please!!!!

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    I can't help with the face detection.
    But, I do know Microsoft Image Composite Editor (Microsoft ICE), free from Microsoft Research, works well when launched from Ultimate,