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    Hello altogether,

    I recently updateted to 2020 Ultimate and planned to migrate to another, faster machine.
    I could either buy an i7 xxxx or an HP Z840 with two XEONS, 8C/16T each. So 16 Cores would compete with 4 faster cores of an i7, latest generation.
    My question: does anybody know, if ACDSee benefits from 16 or even 20 cores?
    A single core of course is slightly slower, but 16/20 compared to 4/6 should be faster.
    I'd prefer buying a 2nd hand Z840 with 128 GB DDR4 registered RAM instead of an i7 with 32 GB.
    Does the software support 8 or more cores or 2 CPUs with 8/10 cores each?
    When processing large amounts of pics, my 4/8 CPU i7960@4Ghz has a load of 90% on all physical and logical cores.
    I anyone has experience... pls let me know.
    Greetings from Germany, Island Reichenau.