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Panasonic G9 .MOV files cause ACDSee 2020 to lock up

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  • Panasonic G9 .MOV files cause ACDSee 2020 to lock up

    Installed the latest panasonic G9 firmware that adds in more video options, like .MOV file containers that can now hold HLG and Variable Frame Rate, just like it's GH5 cousin. What i am noticing now, is that when i connect my G9 to my windows 10 PC, open ACDSee Ultimate 2020, and try to import the contents of the SD card, it will "stall" on the .MOV file(s). I've waited up to an hour, and the progress bar does not move. if i had RW2, JPG, or MP4 files taken before the MOV, the progress bar works, but as soon as it gets to an MOV file, it stalls. I even tried this with a single MOV file on the card (via directly from the G9, as well as from an external SD card reader), and that single MOV file hangs/stalls the import. If the SD Card does NOT contain an MOV file, the import works as normal.

    anyone else experiencing this? I assume some users here use a G9 or possibly a GH5, or any other camera that shoots 1080 or 4K video in MOV container?

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    Hi godspeedjas,

    Are you able to see thumbnails for the MOV files in the Import dialog? If you navigate to the SD card's directory using the Folders pane, instead of using Import, are you able to copy the MOV files to your hard drive? And are you able to see thumbnails on them and play them in View mode? You may want to create a temporary folder to store a single MOV file until you can see whether it works or not.

    Either way, I would recommend contacting Customer Care ( with this issue. They may be able to suggest other workarounds, or try to reproduce the issue themselves.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      thanks Tristan, i have submitted a ticket, because i have also found other strange happenings related to MOV files.

      If i manually copy the MOV file(s) from the sdcard using Windows Explorer to a directory, and then use windows explorer to browse the contents, when i right click on an MOV file, and acdsee picaview is activated (it shows constantly loading...), that MOV file is now locked, and cannot be deleted or renamed from within windows explorer. I have to go into task manager and kill the picaview COM process(es) to remove the file lock.

      If i open acdsee ultimate 2020 and browse to the folder where the manually copied over MOV files are located, it does not show a thumbnail preview, and "sometimes" if i try and delete or rename the file from within ACDSee, it also gives me a "File in Use" error message, that ACDSee 2020 has the file locked.

      hopefully support can figure out what is going on. any other .MOV video shooters having similar issues?