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    I have a dilemma that I am not quite sure how to handle. I am using Ultimate 2020 to catalog my photos. However, I have several drives that contain my raw images. Over the years I have had to expand and get other drives. However, I do not need to have all my photos online at once. So I unplug one drive and plug in the currently active drive for my raw images. Windows keeps the drive using the same drive letter. So my question is, how do I catalog my files? Mostly I want it to be able to cache the thumbnails so I do not have to wait forever for the system to do it when I need to go back. While the drive is plugged in, all works fine. But how to do I catalog my drives that are not plugged in all the time and tend to be the same drive letter from drive to drive depending on which one I need to access.


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    Not sure if this always works, but it does for me: If you have enough USB sockets, plug-in all drives at the same time. Windows will assign individual drive letters to each drive and will (should) reuse it later. To me this seems the easiest way.

    Or, if you haven't got enough USB sockets, run diskmgmt.msc with admin rights. Then plug-in all drives one after the other and assign individual drive letters to each of your removable drives. It's best practise to assign letters bottom up, thus start with Z:

    Or, if you run out drive letters, then create folders on one of your internal NTFS drives like d:\externals\drive-1, d:\externals\drive-2, d:\externals\drive-3, ... and assign these folders to your external drives. This is done with diskmgmt.msc too. To me this option seems pretty smart, because it allows to use descriptive path names like "d:\externals\cruzer_16GB". This option also makes cataloguing easy: Every time after having added new files to one of the drives, plug it in and let AC catalogue "d:\externals" - no need to change any path.

    Of course, after changing drive letters of drives catalogued with AC, you will need to run database maintenance and change the bindings of these drives.
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      That makes perfect sense, and i know how to do that. How would I tell Acdsee to keep the thumbnails and face recognition information etc and only change the initial path? If i run the database maintenance i believe that would remove the orphan files from the catalog. I could then catalog the drive from scratch. But would I not lose all my keywords, categories, and all that info?


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        The help file contains the following:
        To Perform Database Maintenance:
        1. In Manage mode, click Tools | Database | Database Maintenance.
        2. In the Database Maintenance dialog box, browse for folders marked with the database content icons. If there are no marked folders, you do not need to perform database maintenance and can exit the Database Maintenance dialog box.
        3. Select a folder and click one of the following buttons to identify the maintenance you want to perform on that folder:
          • Remove Thumbnails: Removes all thumbnail information for the selected folder.
          • Remove All DB Info: Deletes all database and thumbnail information for the selected folder.
          • Remove Orphan Folders: Deletes any out-of-date or broken references to missing files or information for the selected folder. It is only possible to check for orphans in folders located on your computer. This option will not be visible if the folder is located on a network.
          • Change Binding: Changes all location references for the selected orphaned folder to another folder, and retains all database information. The default binding folder is My Pictures.
        Where you want to use the last option. This is a pain if you have many files and folders you need to do this for,.