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Face recognition and embedding metadata

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  • Face recognition and embedding metadata

    I wonder if someone can feed back on this question: If you run face recognition and then want to embed data in the actual photo, does ACDSee put this as specific face data in the ACDSee XMP section of the metadata, as keywords in the IPTC section, or in some other way?

    I would like to be able to create IPTC (and possibly also XMP) keywords embedded in the photo (not in a sidecar file) based on the faces that ACDSee has in its database.


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    It's embedded in XMP, specifically XMP-acdsee-rs. It's not in the IPTC. There is actually a standard way to do faces but ACDsee for whatever reason decided to bake their own solution. It's annoying because other programs won't recognize their face tags.


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      But it is very helpfull if other programs can read the Name of the detected person from Standard fields. The frame around the face is not so important.


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        I completely agree which is why I am dismayed that ACDsee doesn't use standard tags. You shouldn't have to use ACDsee to do a search for people. This should work with a simple search in Windows.