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  • Smart Collection by date

    I've been trying to create a smart collection that would find all pics created December 25th, any/all years. Finding a specific year is easy. Anyone know if this possible and if so please enlighten me! Thanks.

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    You may be able to adapt Emil's suggestion from here - its not exactly what you asked for - but better than the full manual alternative -


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      The post linked above describes how to add dates to the meta data tags readable by AC after import.

      Here's another procedure to make month names available at time of import:
      In the import dialogue of AC set check mark to import into "Nested folders - by file date" (I don't have the exact English phrase used at hand at the moment) and set the format to "yyy\MMMM\dd". This gives folder names like "2020\January\01". Next go to options (ALT-O) and set the check mark for "Include filenames" (or similar) in the quick search section.
      This now allows to search for month names in quick search. E.g. "March|April|June" will return all pics taken in spring, ahem, including all pics that have one of the month names assigned somewhere else in the meta data.

      Gimmick: You may want to use "yyyy\MMMM\dddd\dd", which gives "2020\January\Wednesday\01". This even allows to search for names of weekdays :-)

      Note: The AC import dialogue only incorporates file dates! It still isn't able to use any image meta data to form a path or file name! So I encourage you to use another tool to import your pics in to your image file base - there's a few tens for free. Then after import, simply browse the folder with new pics in AC to get them imported.

      Downside: This procedure produces comparatively long path names, which results in a drawback when using external programs with many pics selected.

      BTW. The templates shown here also will work as date format used in the post linked above by Bones.
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