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Finding the gray spot

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  • Finding the gray spot

    In the PS program, I can correct WB as follows:
    new layer and fill it with 50% grayscale, blending set to Difference,
    select the Layers Threshold and slide the slider to the left to see the last black area and highlight the area with a color sampler,
    turn off the Difference and Threshold layer,
    set up a new curves layer and with a dropper click the marke of color sampler, than clik on middle pipette into the curves layer.
    WB is set up.
    I delete the difference and threshold layer.

    How to execute this in AC?

    In the AC program, I open the picture and select the curves layer, then lift the left side of the curve to the middle, and lower the right side of the curve to the middle. On this way I get 50% gray and shift the mixing to difference. Then I select the threshold layer and move the slider to the left. This is how I get the search point closest to the gray level. I can't find a color sampler anywhere.
    How next?

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    Wouldn't the process you describe guarantee to find the same white-balance the camera thought was right rather than letting you chose the white balance you think it right? and wouldn't you have easier ways to select the same white balance that the camera chose?

    Extreme example: image taken 20 foot below the sea surface would have all white items with a red cast. Your process would select non-white items that have a suitable mixture of green and blue to balance and make the result appear gray. Or maybe I am misunderstanding the process you are using.



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      Njlarsen, when you mention underwater photography, I found one son's shot. I have never seen these animals live so I do not dream of being in nature. I processed it in PS. For such cases, however, there is a need for a system tool such as a threshold and a color sampler.
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