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Moving U19 to a new computer

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  • Moving U19 to a new computer

    I'm moving U19 to a new computer. The new computer is running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
    The move will be done with PC Mover, which will move all data and programs.
    Do I need to:
    1. Deactivate U19 on my current computer?
    If so, how do I do that?
    2. Uninstall on my current computer, and reinstall on the new?
    If so, wouldn't that remove all the work I've done on images?
    3. Some other procedure?

    I have searched forums and FAQs, and found no current answers.


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    Without knowing the intricacies of moving like you describe, I would make sure to embed all metadata into the images before doing anything else. That way you could rebuild the database from the images themselves if everything else fails.



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      Hi SenteFeBill,

      PC Mover claims to even move applications and Window to a new PC, but I do not think this can be made 100%. Your new PC will have a disk with a different volume serial number, perhaps a different user name, etc.. In addition, you may also need to transfer the metadata of the files. So as suggested by Niels, before transferring the images files to the new computer, please embed all the ACDSee metadata (e.g. categories, ACDSee keywords, etc.) to the files.

      When you plan to migrate your entire system to a new computer, I think you can break it down this task in the following 4 areas

      1) OS : Your new system may already have the operating system installed. Otherwise, in my opinion it is much better to install OS than creating an image from the old device, re-imaging that to the new one and then figuring out how to reconcile the different configurations.

      2) Applications: I am not that familiar with the PC mover so I will suggest the standard method : uninstalling the program on the old system and then reinstalling the program on the new system with the most recent version of the installer. After or during the installation, register the installed program with the license code originally provided or with the subscription information.

      For ACDSee, you can find the download links, license codes or subscription information in your acdID account via the user portal at

      3) Data (i.e. the files): You transfer the files (your image files, and any other data files, such as PDF, word documents, etc..) to your new system via home network, USB disk or applications such as PC mover.

      4) Metadata of the files. This depends on the program that you use, and I do not believe PC mover can perform such task adequately.

      For ACDSee, if you have assigned ACDSee metadata such as categories, keywords, etc.. to your images, please embed such information to the files before transfer the files to the new computer. After that, from the ACDSee installed on that new computer, catalog the files. For detailed steps, please visit this KB article :

      Hope this helps


      ACDSee Customer Care team