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My photos imported from phone have no Date Taken (Date Created) in IPTC

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  • My photos imported from phone have no Date Taken (Date Created) in IPTC

    I use Dopus, a file manager which contains lots of metadata. When I list my pictures in Dopus, or in Windows Explorer, I see Date Taken. I'm going to use that term because that's what I've always seen in any listing of pictures on other software and in file managers, Windows explorer.
    The photos from my phone do contain all of the EXIF metadata dates.

    Why doesn't ACDSee Ultimate pick up the date taken. FYI, when I import my photos from my phone, I use PIE software because I like the rename options in that software better than the ones in ACDSee.

    I appreciate any help.

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    Hi Ck,

    The "Date Created" column you are looking at is from IPTC metadata. I suspect that the field you want to select is either EXIF: Image : Date/Time, or EXIF: Image: Date Created. To add additional columns to the Details view, right click on the column header and click Choose Details. The columns I mentioned are in EXIF > Image.

    You can also have a look at the Properties pane, Metadata tab, and change from Default Metadata View to All EXIF in order to check which EXIF field matches the value you want to display. I've attached a screenshot showing how to switch metadata views in the Properties pane.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I'm aware that Date Created is an IPTC metadata field. I showed screenshots from Windows Explorer and Dopus File manager and Both of them contain the IPTC Date Created/Date Taken metadata fields. On the Dopus screenshot it is also displaying the EXIF dates metadata. (Date Digitized)

      Maybe I wasn't clear with my question... I understand that I can get the date from the EXIF metadata, I just wonder why ACDSee does NOT show the IPTC Date Created - but Windows Explorer and Dopus File manager (and 2 other file managers that I've used) do indeed show the IPTC and EXIF date metadata.

      So we know the IPTC Date Created/Date Taken exists in the photos metadata, but ACDSee isn't picking it up.

      Thanks again.


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        Hi Ck,

        I found a photo with the 'Date Taken' field visible in File Explorer, then used ExifTool to change various date fields until I found one that changed the Date Taken field in File Explorer.

        It appears that Explorer's Date Taken field is mapped from the EXIF: Create Date field (at least in my image). In ACDSee, this field is mapped to EXIF: Image: Date/Time Digitized, not Date/Time Original as I had thought. Please see if this field will display the date you expect, either in the Properties pane, or as a tab in the main file view.

        As far as I can tell, Explorer's Date Taken has nothing to do with IPTC. I could be wrong though, as this is all just experimentation on my part. Maybe Explorer will take a value from one of several different fields, using some IPTC field if it exists, or falling back to EXIF: Create Date if it does not. If it is taking its value from IPTC in your case, it would seem it is a field that ACDSee does not support.

        Tristan H.
        ACD Systems


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          I think I have a similar question. I just copied some photos from my Pixel 2 onto my Windows 10 PC by connecting the phone to the PC with a USB cable and then dragging and dropping them into a folder that is "watched" by ACDSee.

          I then started ACDSee and looked at the dates.

          IPTC Date Created -- This field is blank.
          EXIF Date/Time Original and Date/Time Digitized -- Both fields say 8/31/2020 10:57:52 AM
          ACDSee Database Date -- This field says 8/31/2020 10:57:52 AM
          Windows Date Taken -- This field says 8/31/2020 10:57:52 AM

          Is there any way to get ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2020 to put the EXIF Date/Time Original into the IPTC Date Created field? Is it not happening automatically because I'm manually copying them onto the PC?

          Updated to add: Maybe I'm misunderstanding the IPTC Date Created field. Maybe that isn't supposed to be the same as Date Taken or EXIF Date/Time Original. If that's the case, someone please let me know. :-)
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            Most cameras use EXIF with maker notes only and do not supply data in IPTC or XMP tags. So, at time of import they are left empty.

            The import dialog of AC allows to copy meta data from one tag into another, however this is not supported for dates! The date fields can only be filled with fixed dates. Just another quirk of this uninspired piece of software. But the develop mode does copy EXIF:datecreated into IPTC:dateceated when saving [Developed] proxies. Also the export feature does map this tag. I guess I never will really understand how the program works :-)

            I'd suggest to create your own "Metadata View" in "Properties - Metadata" pane that shows all needed IPTC tags plus EXIF:datecreated.


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              Thanks to you all for the replies.
              I'm just seeing the last 3 replies to my post, for some reason I'm not getting email notification of threads I'm following.
              I'm going to import some pics from my phone and from my digital camera when I get a chance.
              I'll show data that PIE contains after the import. Picture Information Extracted is PIE full software name. It's low cost of about $30 when I purchased 4 or 5 years ago. It's biggest benefits are that it has details for any photo mapped out in tabs - IPTC, EXIF,XMP, Other, and one other tab I can't recall.
              I'll send screenshots of a photo metadata from my camera and my phone to show you the data fields.
              I feel pretty certain that I'll be showing that IPTC date taken - date created will be populated in PIE, and in DOpus file manager, but not in ACDSee.
              I also have Photo Mechanic, an older version that primarily uses IPTC data. I haven't installed on my current Windows 10 but I'll install it for purposes of this test. I believe It will also show IPTC date taken so it will be another software source to compare to what ACDSee picks up.


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                I performed the import as stated above and ACDSee IS now showing IPTC Date Created. Perhaps there was an update done to my 2019 ACDSee program since my Feb post.
                I tested this thoroughly comparing IPTC data in PIE, Photo Mechanic, and Digikam and I assure you that these 3 programs I just mentioned carry IPTC data and a large amount of it.
                So I'll say this is a resolved issue. However it would be nice if ACD would offer the option to populate IPTC and XMP dates when doing import. That's how PIE and Photo Mechanic do it, they give you the option to write IPTC dates from EXIF during import.


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                  Does anyone know if ACDSee Professional 2021 will allow you to do a batch adjust time that will copy the EXIF Date/Time Original into the IPTC Date Created?


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                    It looks as though ACDSee Ultimate 2021 (I assume that Professional has the same behaviour) does not allow you to create a metadata preset that can pick up metadata from elsewhere in the file, such as the EXIF Date/Time Original, and insert it into IPTC Date Created. It appears to have the same behaviour as in Ultimate 2019 in that you may select a date for IPTC Date Created, from a calendar drop-down menu which defaults to "today".