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Ult 2020 doesn?t work after installing and former vers. don?t install anymore

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  • Len
    If I ever have a problem like this, not just with ACDsee, then I try it in reverse.

    i.e - Double click on the DB and in the pop-up window choose the Programme you want it to work with.!!

    Most often it sorts out any problem.

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  • Zaphod
    ACDSee really drives me nuts!

    I solved the issue by doing the following:

    - Installed Ult2020 on my notebook, which, I don?t know why, is working fine.
    - activated the copy there
    - deactivated the copy right away
    - reinstalled Ult2020 on the PC it wasn?t able to work with the DB and copied the empty Default.dbin from the notebook to the PC

    That worked w/o issues.

    Looks like there were some files missing on the PC when building the default, why on heaven that was, I don?t have a clue.

    Also could now copy the Default DB to my other drive where I wanted it to be and rename it. Changed to it and all works fine.

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  • Zaphod
    Unfortunately 2018 worked until I tried to create a catalog on my D: drive, then it showed the same error and never recovered from this. So I don?t have any working version.

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  • MBangert
    Try Ultimate 2018 that is much more stable and faster.

    Ultimate 2019 with the Standard build crashes with my Pictures. Only a very Special build for me from ACDSee works.
    Ultimate 2020 is not usuable with my Pictures.

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  • Ult 2020 doesn?t work after installing and former vers. don?t install anymore


    I have an issue where I am not getting Ult. 2020 to work and also former versions are no longer installable. This is what happens:

    - I had Ult. 2019 installed, running with a cat. on drive D
    - Installed Ult. 2020 which had an issue with the DB - came up with error 1015 that it would generate a clean one in the user context
    - After that Ult. 2020 always complains that there is an issue with the DB and would like to create a new
    Seems to be no issue with access rights, because a) each time a new default1..2..3 is created, b) user has admin rights, c) it also happens when Ult. 2020 is started as Administrator
    - decidet to deinstall both Ult 2019 and 2020 and clean registry with a tool that once was provided by ACD (r_acd.exe)
    - reinstalled 2020 and have same issue
    - on top now, I have the same issue with all ACDSee versions. None of them can be installed and show the same DB issue 1015, create Default DBs every time and do not even start.

    ACDSee Support (Premium) is slow as a snake, maybe someone has an idea.