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Text "Edit" Ultimate 2020 / Window 10 Pro.

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  • Text "Edit" Ultimate 2020 / Window 10 Pro.


    I?m really disappointed about the text- edit in this version 2020 which I?ve downloaded about an hour ago!

    I used this option very often (Version 2019) and now I miss the following options like:
    1. Preset
    2. Buble Text
    3. Effeckt
    4. Drop Shadow
    5. Buvel
    I think ?Never change a working system? is ok! Or maybe it?s me! How can I find those helpful tools in Ultimate 2020?

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    See this thread and follow the links included:



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      That thread is good, especially for this tutorial video on the new text tool:

      The only thing that isn't mentioned is how you can get preset functionality in the latest version. For that you can use actions to add text. Actions can replicate almost anything that could be done with presets and can even be used from manage or view mode. Here's the actions tutorial if you want more information:


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        Thanks so much. But:

        It?s clear, that the file must be saved as *.acdc

        But I can?t edit the "Text" which the image is already saved!

        e.g. I?ve a nice greetings ? Card ?image with ?Happy new Year 2019? which is saved as ?Happy2019.acdc? , I can?t change neither character type nor color! Also I can?t change ?year 2019? to ?Year 2020??!!

        Moving the ?text? and edit the ?Layer effect? no problem! At ACDSee 2019 wasn?t such a problem because the text was saved as ?preset??!!