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Share of Database and or picture repositry?

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  • Share of Database and or picture repositry?

    Running ACDSEE Photo Ultimate 2020 and Windows 10 with Windows network.

    I got a rather large collection of pictures taken over many years. A mix of family-related, different sports activities, parties and some work-related pictures. The pictures is stored on a separate external hard disk connected as a shared drive at my home/office network.

    How can I best there the picture repository with my wife?

    Currently, I created a new database from my desktop. The database is on a local external drive for my desktop, the pictures on a shared and mapped network drive. With this solution, the picture repository is shared. The database is only accessible from my desktop. If I updated the keyword to the picture META data, she should be able to search and view pictures based on keywords.

    Is this the best way of doing this?

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    I have a similar setup and find that ACDSEE does not have a good way of handling the access of photos for multiple users unless you just let them use the software directly. Unless of course I don't know a better way. The way I handle it within my family is using a PLEX server. I use PLEX running on a NAS for all of my media: movies, music, live TV, DVR TV and photos. If you just want to view pictures it works really well and has some sorting/fitering capabilities although PLEX can't read the METADATA so it is unfortunate items such as categories and face detection is not able to be used in PLEX. I have not reviewed the ACDSEE 365 which appears to be their solution. Being I have a NAS with GIGS of media I would prefer to handle the sharing myself just like you.

    I would also be interested in hearing from others about their workflows on how they handle sharing their photos without using an external source/vendor.


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      Originally posted by btravis View Post
      I have not reviewed the ACDSEE 365 which appears to be their solution.
      I have not tried ACDSee 365 either. It might solve a few issues related to a multi-user-scenario. In principle, I refuse to use ACDSee 365 or other similar offerings.

      My company uses for cloud-based storage. Just excellent. Better than OnDrive, DropBox and others. Sync beats them all in security, functionality and sharing functionality. I see no need for second or alternative storage for my pictures. I have not looked at the details of the offering from ACDSee 365, in principle, they are offering cloud storage of your pictures. They have hopefully also added some photo functionality.

      A better solution for me as a customer is: "I pick where I want my picture stored". The software that handles my pictures need to offer an interface to my selected storage facility. The industry moving in that direction. ACDSee might be tempted by offering a 365 service. BIG MISTAKE. Focus on what you are good at. Let others to the storage. Build interfaces.