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  • Add more "Cloud Sync Drivers"

    Cloud Sync Drivers is a great thing. If your Windows desktop got OneDrive, OneDrive will be available. I assume if the DropBox is installed it will be available. In theory, ACDSee 365 offering is more or less a 'Cloud Sync Drive" provided by ACDSee, where they have added some specific functionalities to make the package more attractive. Nothing wrong with that.

    How can we get more 'Cloud Disk storage providers available or supported by ACDSee? My company is using Canadian Just simply excellent, offer better security and encryption then both OnDrive, DropBox or any other. Fantastic and fast support. Their technology for sharing documents and drives with your project teams, clients or employees are the best on the market.

    How can I get Sync supported by ACDSee? I would like to see Sync listed as one of my Cloud Sync Drives. Without the interface supported by ACDSee, I can still use Sync. When mapped as a separate network drive and I can access it from there or add all or part of file structure to Sync Vault. It would just be nice to keep it in the right place in the Folder structure within ACDSee. This functionality could easily be changed, so the user could add a drive manually to the 'Cloud Sync Drivers' section.

    Check Sync out:

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    Looking at the discussions going on at ACDSee 365. I think ACDSee would be better of focusing on what they are good at. Then allow others to do storage! From a revenue point of view, it must have been tempting to create an ACDSee 365 Offering. Make partnerships, allow others to do the cloud storage part. Make integrations to cloud storage providers. Focus on improving your own software.