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Manually Added Faces Are Not Outlined

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  • Manually Added Faces Are Not Outlined

    I am on an ACDsee trial and had it scan some of my test pictures. It recognized faces and then I manually added a few more faces. I then embedded the ACDsee metadata into the pictures. When the picture remain in the same directory everything is fine. However, when I move the pictures to a different directory ACDsee only outlines the faces it found automatically but not the once I manually added. I did use exiftool to confirm that the manually added faces are indeed embedded into the pictures. So why does ACDsee not show the manually added faces when I move the pictures? It seems like it just looks at the DB and not the embedded data which makes no sense.

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    Hi mala,

    When you move a file outside of ACDSee, the ACDSee database treats the file in its new location as a new, completely distinct database record. This means that Face Detection will be run again on the image, so only the detectable faces will be found.

    Embedded ACDSee Face Data is not imported into the database automatically, but must be manually imported. There are a couple of ways to do this. Select the files you want to import embedded face data from, then click Tools > Face Detection > Import ACDSee Face Data. Alternatively, open Tools > Database > Catalog Files (or right click a folder and click Catalog Files), add the folder containing the files, and check the ACDSee Face Data option.

    We always recommend that you handle all asset management within ACDSee, rather than through File Explorer or some other application. Not only will files moved outside of ACDSee potentially lose database information, but the database will still contain orphaned assets that will return incorrect results when you perform searches.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      Tristan, thanks for the input. I actually found Tools->Database->Catalog Files. I will also try Tools->Face Detection->Import ACDSee Face Data.

      I understand I shouldn't move files outside of ACDsee. I am still perplexed that ACDsee wouldn't check the header for ACDsee data when is scans files for the first time. It probably adds other data it finds to the database so why not existing ACDsee metadata? It doesn't make any sense to me.

      Anyways, the reason I am doing this is because I am trying to import my Microsoft/PhaseOne MediaPro database into ACDsee. That means I have to deal with faces that are automatically recognized by ACDsee, then through a program read data from my MediaPro database, add the face data to the header and then get that data back into ACDsee. As mentioned, I would have expected that ACDsee recognizes those faces I added manually (through a program).