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Faces: Group of People

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  • mogle
    So what you are asking is a property flag of the face? Where you mark the face as 'Police Officer', there the face should not be used for face detection? Interesting.

    I think this is where manual Cagegirisation comes in. The three People/Friend/John Smith. Then create something like People Unknown/Police Officer, People Unknown/Group. This setup allows you to combine both selections. You got John Smith in a group of people. You mark those you know. It might only be John Smith. You also mark the picture as People Unknown/Group. This allow you to find pictures of groups and better pictures of groups where John is part of a group.

    Just spinning or thinking loud here.

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  • mala
    started a topic Faces: Group of People

    Faces: Group of People

    I am coming from a different DAM program where I labeled people manually. In this program I had a lot of people each with a different name. However, I also had broader categories like Unknown People, Police Officer, Famous People, etc. I am somewhat reluctant to put the names of such broad categories into the box where you enter names. I am concerned that it might throw the face recognition off. Is there a way for me to flag a particular category like Unknown People and with that flag instruct the face detection algorithm not trying to guess new people to fall into this category? In other words, the face algorithm will never try to match a new face with "Unknown People" because that category is tagged as being a class of people rather than an individual?