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Manually Adding Faces & Automatic Face Recognition

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  • Manually Adding Faces & Automatic Face Recognition

    I am always marking all people in pictures, even when for instance only the back of their head is shown or their feet, etc. So in ACDsee I would do this by manually adding faces. Will this throw off the automatic face recognition or does the automatic face recognition ignore manually added faces? I thought I read somewhere it ignores it but I can't find that anymore.

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    Hi mala,

    That's correct, manually-added faces have no effect on face detection or recognition in any image or part of the database. You can add whatever manual faces you want without it affecting detected faces at all.

    I would say just one thing though, about the People Manager (Tools > Face Detection > Manage People). The portraits in this tool are taken from the first face labeled for each person, and currently can't be altered. So you may want to find a "nice" image of each new person before tagging the backs of people's heads and so forth, just so that the portraits in the People Manager are recognizable to you. This won't affect the portraits in the Face Detection pane in View mode, as they are generated dynamically from each image.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems