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Logging within ACDSee Ultimate

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  • Logging within ACDSee Ultimate

    There are lots of batch activities within ACDSee, where you are importing, deleting duplicates, file catalogues and more. With a large database and thousands of pictures, I would like to see the option for some simple logging. Right now I am cleaning up most of my pictures and merging it into one database. In the process, some duplicate pictures and more have been generated. The time it takes to clean this up is massive.

    It could be user faults or bugs within ACDSee. (I have found a few of those). Simple logging functionality for bug tracking and process faults, if you like, would have been good.

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    Does it look like I might be the only one seeing any benefit with some logging within ACDSee?

    Here is one example. I just imported some pictures from a SD card. It was a few thousand pictures on the card. Some old pictures I wanted to keep, but had not imported to database or picture repository. I executed the import, selected to save the pictures in YYYY/MM/DD format, and renamed the filed to date taken. All good. This time I sadly clicked delete pictures at the source I think is the menu option. I am relucted to import pictures and click delete at the source. But have done that successfully a few times.

    This time - all my pictures are gone. The SD card is clean. No pictures to be found /transfer folder. No errors. ACDSee Ultimate 2020 was working in the background. I allowed the application to run but continued working with something else. I have spent some time looking for the pictures I imported - nothing. No errors. No pictures, but the pictures that were in the SD Card is gone. When ACDSee is executing this, the last operation is deleting the pictures at the source.

    I doubt it was a user error. Now you see why I want a simple txt logging of some critical operation.