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Developing RAW with camera settings

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  • Developing RAW with camera settings

    Hello there.
    On my camera I have some settings I like to shot with (balance, saturation, etc).
    In View mode I see it with the camera adjustments, but in Develop mode I saw it RAW (of course). Is there a way to create JPG files with the camera shooting settings instead of having to develop each RAW file?

    Thanks a lot

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    I create a special preset to mimic some of the camera JPG processing steps that I like.

    I started by creating the JPG and the RAW at the same time (many cameras can create both with same image).
    Next, open the JPG side by side with the RAW.... Then, adjust the RAW file in Develop Mode, until there is a match between the RAW and the JPG; Save settings as a preset (make sure lens corrections are not saved with the preset).

    It is certainly manual and iterative. But I find it takes less than 15 minutes to make a preset.
    Besides, you only need to redo the process when adding a camera to the collection.

    Of course, there may want to be a couple presets to mimic a few different JPG outputs. In my experience I typically only have 3-to-5 of these per camera.

    I find I do the same for lens corrections too. ( instead of waiting for a new update to the SW lens database to be update)


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      Hello Gus, thanks for the answer. I'll do the same.


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        GusPanella I had some Lightroom presets that I've tried to mimic in ACDsee, and have gotten pretty close. When you said "open the JPG side by side with the RAW.... Then, adjust the RAW file in Develop Mode" I couldn't find a way to open two files side by side in Dev this possible or are you switching back to view mode to check your work?



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          I usually open up a second instance of ACDSee to view the JPG. Then work on the RAW file in the first instance of ACDSee.
          As a second step, for confirmation, I select the JPG and the Develoed NEF; Rt. Click > Compare images


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            Thanks Gus...I'll give that a try