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Developed negative by using Ultimate 2019 or 2020

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  • Developed negative by using Ultimate 2019 or 2020

    Does anybody developed negative by using Ultimate 2019 or 2020?

    I know that I can do it with: Actions > Favorites > Negative or with “Special Effect” > “Negative”. But I’m not very satisfied with the result.

    Is there any “Workflow” from an “Expert” between you to prevent the best result?

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    I would not call myself an expert in negatives, but here is a slightly different work flow

    Edit mode > Layers
    Add Vibrance layer
    Add Negative layer

    Vibrance layer: Adjust vibrance, saturation, hue, lightness; set opacity
    Negative Layer: Adjust opacity

    It is also possible to add other adjustment layers to help tune the image.


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      Thanks. Why so complicated? Meanwhile I found a simple workflow for beginner.
      As a prerequisite, the negatives must be recorded with a macro lens 1: 1 and a blue filter in RWA format.

      At the Manage mode:
      1. Select all you want to develop (negative > positive).
      2. Actions > Favorites > Negative > Options > File format (e.g.) JPG
      3. Actions > Favorites > Negative > Play
      4. Select all (e.g.) JPGs
      5. Actions > Lighting > Auto Levels + > Options > File format (e.g.) JPG
      6. Actions > Lighting > Auto Levels + > Play


      You can use than the edit mode for fine tune if required!


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        Originally posted by menaralf View Post
        Why so complicated?
        The simple answer to that is - It is ACDSee. Sorry.

        I got a hate and love relationship with ACDSee. It started with love to PicaView, and about to turn into hate with ACDSee Ultimate 2020. Their GUI interface simply sucks.


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          Per the OP, I thought the goal was to use something other than "Actions" that may give more control. Certainly no harm in using "actions".
          I guess I have used layers or so long, they no longer seem complicated. Layers can certainly be a powerful tool.


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            Originally posted by GusPanella View Post
            Layers can certainly be a powerful tool.
            I agree with you. But only for users who really need them!


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              Not sure if this helps but, if you develop any image you can go to the tone curve box and just "turn it upside down" so the black value is highest and the white value is lowest.
              This will create a negative of the image for you.
              Then you could use that in an action or just copy paste that setting to other images.Click image for larger version  Name:	Clip.jpg Views:	0 Size:	35.0 KB ID:	51721